Great Frontier Bull Riding Company returns to the Chippewa County Fair

Jessica Stölen-Jacobson
Montevideo American-News

The Chippewa County Fair returns this year with several events guests have enjoyed previously. One of those returning events is the Great Frontier Bull Riding Company’s bull riding exhibition which takes place on Saturday, July 31st at 6:30 p.m. at the Grandstand.

Great Frontier Bull Riding Company is located in Maynard and previously held an event at the fair in 2019. The event features exclusively live bull riding, along with a professional entertainer known as “the funny guy” or “man in the can” who performs some skits throughout the event. “It’s almost an interactive event,” says Great Frontier Bull Riding Company co-owner Jennifer Kattevold.  

The Great Frontier Bull Riding Company was formed in 2000 and is owned by Jennifer and Alan Kattevold, along with their son Miles. “My husband has spent his whole life in rodeo, starting as a young child in the little britches rodeos going through high school rodeo, and then riding professionally,” says Jennifer. “When he was done riding professionally, he worked for some other stock contractor and producers, so for him, it was the natural course of action after he’d worked for those who put on events to put on his own event.”

The company primarily operates at county fairs and community festivals, although Jennifer says they have also been hired for fundraisers such as a Children’s Miracle Network Fundraiser for the hospital in Luverne. “We also have traveled out east to the state of Maine where I’m originally from,” says Jennifer. “For six years we did a bull riding event there.” The events happen primarily in the summer and early fall, and they do an average of fourteen events throughout those months. Great Frontier Bull Riding Company is considered an event producer, bringing in the riders, personnel, and the arenas they own to events. They own two arenas to allow for double-booking of events. The company leases all of the bulls for the events from livestock coordinator Troy Meech from Meech Bucking Bulls. 

“Our son Miles has been producing and booking events on his own since he was 16,” says Jennifer. “So when you do find yourself double-booked, we send Miles off in one direction and then send Alan off in a different direction for another show so we have the ability to be available in multiple locations.”

Great Frontier Bull Riding Company sanctions with the National Federation of Professional Bull Riders to help promote and advertise events. “Because we partner with them, it increases our area of being able to let bull riders know throughout the United States that a bull riding event is happening,” says Jennifer. That relationship has allowed Great Frontier Bull Riding to bring in professional bull riders from around the country, by way of a call-in day held two weeks before an event. “They come from Indiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, North and South Dakota, Minnesota. Some of those riders will ride at all Great Frontier events,” says Jennifer. “They’ll be up in this neck of the woods and they’ll try to do as many events as possible, so there’s a lot of names we’ll see throughout the summer, but a lot of times it’s a mixed bag of professional bull riders that we get to meet.”

Jennifer also says one of the additional things Great Frontier Bull Riding Company likes to offer is a meet and greet after the bull riding event. “We like to offer an autograph session with the riders who can stick around after the performance. We have them offer autographs and we have photographs that we give to the little kids that come for free. They can come up to the table and meet the funny man and the bull riders and they can get an autograph. We also sell Great Frontier Bull Riding Company t-shirts and they can get that autographed as well,” Jennifer says. 

For more information, check out the Great Frontier Bull Riding Company’s website at “We are very excited to come to the Chippewa County Fair and put on live bull riding. Because we’re local we love the opportunity to hopefully increase the spectator base of those who attend the fair,” says Jennifer.