Mr. Peanut and the nut-mobile visit Montevideo

Jessica Stölen-Jacobson
Montevideo American-News

A new arrival at the Chippewa County Fair this year was the Planter’s traveling nut-mobile, complete with Mr. Peanut himself. Danny Holton, otherwise known as “Maca-danny-a” was Mr. Peanut’s chauffeur for the trip to the fair. “There are three of us peanutters that travel in the nut-mobile,” says Holton. “Planters moved to Minnesota because Hormel Foods bought Planters, so this summer we’re doing the Minnesota tour visiting cities all over the state.”

The appearance on Sunday included the opportunity to check out the nut-mobile, sample products, and, as Holtan says, “take a shell-fie” with Mr. Peanut. “That’s part of my job. I crack puns left and right. I can really shell them out,” he says. The nut-mobile was hard to miss at 26 feet long, 11.5 feet tall, and weighing 14,500 pounds, which Holtan says is over three million peanuts for those who care to measure weight in nuts. The vehicle that visited Montevideo is one of a fleet of three. This particular vehicle is Planter’s newest, a 2017 version, and has appeared in two Super Bowl commercials in 2019 and 2020. “When people saw Mr. Peanut and the nut-mobile at the Super Bowl, that was this one. We brought it to Los Angeles for a photo shoot and had a stunt driver. It’s really cool that people get to see our prized vehicle during our tour of the summer,” Holton says.

The first nut-mobile appeared in 1935 and was driven by a Planter’s salesman. The current fleet of nut-mobiles has been traveling the country for the last eight years. “Year-round, besides the weeks that we train and the time we have off, we’re on the road,” says Holton. “This last year between the three nut-mobiles we had events in 44 of the 48 contiguous states in the United States, which was really cool. We’re able to see a ton of people. This summer we will be focusing on Minnesota part of August and all of September.”

Holton also noted that the nut-mobile is available for birthday parties, and other such events besides fairs and festivals. The nut-mobile can be requested on their website, “We do a lot of outreach,” says Holton. “We’ve been trying to hit as many cities as we can so we see as many people as we can. Most people go their whole life and never get to see the nut-mobile. I’ve seen several people in tears when they see Mr. Peanut and the nut-mobile because they have a connection like their grandparents were fans or they had a toy of Mr. Peanut when they were little.”

To follow the nut-mobile and Mr. Peanut’s adventures, fans can check out their Instagram account @plantersnutmobileofficial or their Twitter account @nutmobile_tour.