Broken power line causes outage in Montevideo

Jessica Stölen-Jacobson
Montevideo American-News
A broken power line caused not only a power outage, but trouble for a motorist last week.

A broken power line not only caused a power outage for a portion of Montevideo including the Middle School last week, but also caused trouble for motorists. According to Police Chief Ken Schule a power line snapped. "It wasn't hit by anything. I don't know if it was from age, or what but it snapped and what we're being told is it landed on the ground." Initially, the downed line landed on a vehicle, according to what Chief Schule was told, but that motorist was able to keep driving. Another motorist entered the area and drove into the line. The Police and Fire Departments were able to block traffic from entering the area for close to an hour. "That was waiting for Xcel Energy's service team to arrive and secure that wire," Schule said. For anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation, Chief Schule advises that the safest place to be is in your vehicle. "If they feel that their vehicle is remotely close to a power line, do not exit the vehicle. It's safest to stay inside," he says. The Middle School sent out notice to parents that the power outage had happened, and that due to the outage there was no functioning phone line in the school, however, school continued as usual throughout the remainder of the day.