Montevideo council discusses nuisance properties

Jessica Stölen-Jacobson
Montevideo American-News

The Montevideo City Council held its second monthly meeting Monday evening. The council heard a request from City Manager Robert Wolfington to negotiate the purchase of a property that is currently owned by Double D Development. At last month's meeting, a feasibility study was presented for the extension of roads, sewer and storm sewer to the Lincoln Avenue and 21st Street areas. The study had been requested by Double D Construction of Montevideo. No decisions were made at that meeting regarding the development of the property, and following the discussion at the meeting, the City Manager and City Engineer were instructed to meet with Dan Larsen of Double D Construction to further discuss the feasibility study. During that discussion, there was talk of negotiating a price for the City to purchase some property owned by Larsen which is half of what would be needed for an extension of Lincoln Avenue. Wolfington noted, “If the City was to ever want to move forward with extending Lincoln Avenue, the City owns 33 feet of the right away which is half of what would be needed to extend the street." The City discussed acquiring the additional 33 feet owned by Double D Construction for the right of way in preparation for a future Lincoln Avenue extension. While nothing is planned currently for extending that portion of the road, Wolfington asked whether the City would like to negotiate the purchase of the other 33 feet owned by Double D Construction in the instance that the road would ever be developed in the future. It was decided that Wolfington would be allowed to discuss negotiations with the property owner.

Additionally, a discussion was held on the abatement of nuisance properties. The council considered a resolution for the abatement of a nuisance property on North 2nd Street. City staff sent a notice to the owner of the property with regards to building materials on the yard and porch, junk vehicles on the grass, and other such items located on the property on two separate occasions. As little effort had been made by the property owner to clean up the items, the council passed a resolution to pursue abatement. The owner has until the end of October to clean up the property or address the council at the November 1st meeting. A second nuisance property abatement resolution was introduced for a property at North 4th Street. That owner had been notified on two occasions as well of the need to remove junk vehicles, lawnmower, snowmobiles, tires, and trash on the property. As no effort has been made to clean up the property, the council passed a resolution for the abatement of the nuisance at that property by the end of October. Councilmember Bryce Curtiss mentioned that he’d noticed a number of mattresses stacked up alongside a business located on Black Oak Avenue that had been there for some time. City Manager Robert Wolfington noted that he was unaware of any reports on that property but would check the situation out right away and make contact with the property owner as is appropriate based on the findings.

Applications were presented for use of City property (streets) for the Montevideo High School's Homecoming Parade on Friday, October 8th beginning at 4:45 p.m., as well as one from the Chamber of Commerce for portions of City-owned parking lots for Trunk-or-Treat to be held on Friday, October 29th. Both applications were approved. The council also approved gifts and donations which included a $20 donation to the Montevideo Veterans Home. The council meets again on October 4th at 7 p.m.