Lifted Nutrition under new ownership

Jessica Stölen-Jacobson
Montevideo American-News

Lifted Nutrition in downtown Montevideo is now under new ownership. New owners Ashley Thompson, her boyfriend Brent Schlangen, and Emily Hunt officially took over the Herbalife product-based beverage shop on October 2nd. Hunt says the opportunity to purchase the business was a "right place, right time" opportunity. “Ashley owns a club in Willmar already, and I’m under Ashley, so when we heard through word of mouth that the Montevideo club was being sold, I thought that’s super cool because I was looking for a place of my own,” says Hunt. “Ashley brought me over here and we visited and went from there.” 

Lifted Nutrition's new owners, Emily Hunt, Brent Schlangen, and Ashley Thompson.

Hunt has been in Thompson’s downline for six months, while Thompson has been involved with the multi-level marketing company, Herbalife, for four years this November. Her boyfriend Brent joined the organization two years ago. Thompson says the driving factor for purchasing the Montevideo location had to do with existing customers. “We wanted to come here because there were people we already knew from here that traveled to Willmar to see us, and we wanted to be closer to them. We thought it was the perfect opportunity to really reach out to those people,” she says.

Hunt says the trio has a lot of plans for the near future, and has already implemented changes such as a new menu. “We do leveled teas now. There used to be leveled shakes but we don’t do that anymore. All of our shakes are just shakes. We have fat-reducing shakes as well. The leveled teas are level one teas that are just the tea with sweetener. Level two teas are tea and liftoff and level three teas are tea, liftoff, and collagen,” Hunt says.  Thompson and Hunt describe the products as teas that are more like juice and protein shakes that taste more like a malt. “It’s like healthy fast food,” says Thompson. “I always think of them like malts, but they’re a meal. It doesn’t taste, necessarily like a protein shake.”

They also have plans to add in more opportunities for experiences in the business. “We’re looking for a local artist to paint a mural on our wall,” says Ashley. “I’m looking to do more late-night hours, a hang-out sesh kind of thing, as well as morning fit clubs like Yoga, Zumba, Cardio Clubs,” says Hunt. They hope also to affect their energy on the community. “The vibes are good! If you want to come hang out, absolutely come hang out. Have your meetings here. Family gatherings. Everything,” says Hunt. “We just want people to know that it’s a healthy space to come hang out and relax, but also have fun,” says Thompson. “We have games. We have stuff going on. We love listening to music and chatting.” The trio plans to post all information about upcoming class opportunities, hours,  and events on their Lifted Nutrition Facebook page.