City Council continues to address nuisance properties

Jessica Stölen-Jacobson
Montevideo American-News

At the regular monthly meeting of the Montevideo City Council November 15th, Utilities Department Employee Brian Schultz was presented with an award in honor of his 25 years of service to the City. Schultz was hired by the City of Montevideo in October of 1996. 

During the brief meeting, one of the topics discussed was property nuisance abatements. The topic has been discussed at many of the recent meetings, as the council has been addressing nuisance properties. “We’ve been working hard this year to try to get properties in compliance with the City Ordinances. This has been an ongoing process and will continue to be an ongoing process, but we appreciate that people are getting their properties or keeping their properties in good shape,” says City Manager Robert Wolfington. “There’s been a couple of nuisance properties we’ve been working on at council meetings and I’m working with the residents on those to try to get those properties cleaned up so that we don’t need to follow through with abatement.”

If residents have questions about the City’s ordinances on properties, that information can be found on the City of Montevideo website under the tab business, category city ordinances. Property ordinances are listed under “zoning regulations” in that document. 

The council also approved a 2022 Farm Lease with Robert Kurtzbein for 15.9 acres of city-owned land. Kurtzbein has been renting and farming the property that is adjacent to his property for a number of years. Additionally, the council adopted an ordinance to re-zone a portion of Black Oak Avenue from a I1 Light Industrial District to a B2 Highway Business and R1 Single-family Residential District to allow for some development of residential properties near the building formerly known as the MTI building that currently houses NAPA and the incoming Vishay facility. 

The Montevideo City Council meets again on November 29th at 7 p.m.