Yuletide Fest includes joint performance between band and choir

Jessica Stölen-Jacobson
Montevideo American-News
The Varsity Treble Choir and Concert Choir perform "A Christmas Song" along with the band in Monday evening's concert.

The Montevideo High School Yuletide Fest Monday evening featured performances from both Choir and Band, including a rendition of "A Christmas Song" performed by all choir and band students together. The production, led by Band Director Oliver Leafblad and Vocal Director Dan Hampton included a variety of music from Christmas classics, to Irish songs and Norwegian Lullabies. Those in attendance were also given forms to sign up to volunteer for this year's Band Carnival, which is scheduled to be held Saturday, January 29th, 2022.

Jonah Winter and Mollie Erickson play in the Concert Band's performance of "Secret Agent Santa".
Lauren Hanna accompanies the Varsity Treble Choir in performing the song "From an Irish Cabin".