New construction business opens in Montevideo

Jessica Stölen-Jacobson
Montevideo American-News
Allen Jacobson of Jacobson Home Improvements LLC.

Allen Jacobson has been interested in the construction trade from a very early age, having watched his grandfather do woodworking while growing up playing with tools and saws rather than toys. His first job was picking up shingles for a construction company, and he continued to work in the trade throughout high school. "I went to college for two weeks and I knew that it wasn't my route. I called home and told mom and dad, and mom said the only thing she had to say was that I wasn't going to lay on her couch all day, I was going to find a job," says Jacobson. "Before she came home from work that day, I had a job working at Sears."  From there, Jacobson would go on to work for Paul Rongstad's construction business, learning more about the trade until he would eventually become a partner in Prairieland Builders in 2006. 

When his business partner in Prairieland Builders decided it was time to leave the business last summer, Jacobson had the opportunity to buy him out. On January 1st, Jacobson opened Montevideo's newest construction company, Jacobson Home Improvements LLC. The most rewarding part of starting his own company, he says, is the independence. "I have always liked the independence of being able to come and go and have time with family. And also in the construction field, I like seeing the work when you're done with it, and the feeling of satisfaction," he says.

Jacobson Home Improvements LLC offers all variety of home improvement and maintenance work, including new builds. Jacobson also offers seamless gutters and owns a blower door test machine. "I can do your door test to see where your house is leaking and how we can help you tighten that up and get it more energy efficient. That's code on all new houses," he says.  He will travel within an approximate 45 mile radius of Montevideo to provide services. Jacobson also hopes to add a couple of employees in spring, when the construction workload increases.

More information can be found on Jacobson Home Improvements LLC's Facebook page, including contact information. The company is housed in the former Burmeister Auto Body building next to DrexMart in Montevideo.