Thunder Hawk boys swim and dive team finishes 7th in Hutchinson invitational

From Staff Reports
Zaki Carson competes in the Montevideo boys swim and dive team competition last week.

The Montevideo boys Swim and Dive team traveled to Hutchinson for the 2021 Jerry Carlson Memorial Invitational December 11th. Montevideo ended the event with a team ranking of 7th place and final score of 215. 

Wyatt Picht competes in the dive portion of the boys Swim and Dive competition.

Scoring from that event follows:

Boys 200 Yard Medley: Montevideo (7th) 1:53.71 (Austin Dunn, Calim Schmitz, Jaxon Wagner, Mickey Hess);  Montevideo (12th) 2:01.21 (Jacob Oschendorf, Parker Thissen, David Olson, Wyatt Picht); Montevideo (18th) 2:17.77 (Zakariya Carson, Brady Andrews, Samuel Ostendorf, Talan Brock).

Boys 200 Yard Freestyle: (16th) Nolan Christopher 2:11.37

Boys 200 Yard IM: (8th) Parker Thissen 2:26.87

Boys 50 Yard Freestyle: (6th) Mickey Hess 24.67, (14th) Jaxon Wagner 26.00, (27th) Tyson Brandt 27.89, (30th) Talan Brock 28.61, (36th) Zakariya Carson 29.44.

Boys 1 mtr Diving: (4th) Wyatt Picht 147.60, (6th) Tyson Brandt 108.30.

Boys 100 Yard Butterfly: (9th) Austin Dunn 1:02.91, (17th) Callim Schmitz 1:13.42.

Boys 100 Yard Freestyle: (11th) Jaxon Wagner  58.33, (12th) Mickey Hess 59.39, (17th) Nolan Christopher 1:01.44, (20th) Landen Vorvick 1:02.13, (23rd) Samuel Ostendorf x1:05.29.

Boys 200 Yard Freestyle Relay: (5th) Montevideo 1:41.29 (Mickey Hess, Jacob Oschsendorf, Parker Thissen, Jaxon Wagner); (12th) Montevideo 1:49.72 (Wyatt Picht, Tyson Brandt, David Olson, Nolan Christopher); (16th) Montevideo 1:56.23 (Landen Vorvick, Samuel Ostendorf, Ethan Andresen, Talan Brock).

Wyatt Picht competes in the swim portion of a competition earlier this month.

100 Yard Backstroke: (5th) Austin Dunn 1:00.98, (21st) Jacob Ochsendorf 1:14.66, (25th) Zakariya Carson 1:17.31.

100 Yard Breaststroke: (5th) Callim Schmitz 1:11.20, (7th) Parker Thissen 1:13.03, (17th) Samuel Ostendorf 1:21.58, (21st) Ethan Andresen 1:28.14, (25th) Brady Andrews x1:43.79. 

400 Yard Freestyle Relay: (10th) Montevideo 4:00.91 (Austin Dunn, Tyson Brandt, Nolan Christopher, Callim Schmitz), (14th) Montevideo 4:23.61 (David Olson, Ethan Andresen, Landen Vorvick, Talan Brock), 

The Thunder Hawks Swim and Dive team will be hosting an alumni swim meet on December 23rd. The pool will be open at about 4 p.m. for warmups, with the meet to start at 5 p.m. There will be a collection of freewill donations with all proceeds going to former Thunder Hawk diver and coach Kari Coulter whose husband is battling cancer.