Going back to school isn’t as boring as some students may think.

The Wednesday Wars
By Gary D. Schmidt, $16

What could be worse for a seventh-grader than having to spend each Wednesday afternoon with a teacher studying Shakespeare? Nothing, until student Holling Hoodhood begins to realize there is much more to Mrs. Baker — and Shakespeare — than he realized in this Newberry honor book.

Sideways Stories from Wayside School
By Louis Sachar, $5.99

Wayside School is strange, and the events that take place inside it may be even stranger. Adventures in this first book of a series include a student getting stuck to his seat and another who assumes nobody will ever like her, and is proved right.

Belle Teal
By Ann M. Martin, $6.99

As Belle Teal enters fifth grade, more is changing around her than she realizes. For the first time, there are African-American kids on her bus. And as it pulls up to school, there are angry adults standing outside holding signs. This novel shows how Belle and her classmates navigate the start of school and the start of desegregation.

The Wheel on the School
By Meindert Dejong, $6.95

This tale of a group of schoolchildren who band together to get storks to return to their Dutch village is more than it appears to be on. Its main moral — that everybody, no matter what their age or ability, has something to offer — is relayed through moments of suspense and humor.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
By Jeff Kinney, $13.95

Follow a middle school student’s adventures as he recounts them in his diary. Kinney’s “novel in cartoons” may be somewhat crudely drawn, but it started a phenomenon that shows no sign of ending, having spawned a successful book series as well as a feature film.

Compiled by Paul Eisenberg, GateHouse News Service